Anteportas 2012


Well, we started out as nine, and that suited us just fine
From the start we had a tiger by the tail;
Leaning to the philanthropic, charity became a topic
And this year Cystic Fibrosis got the mail.

Then we thought we should expand to give other gals a hand
Whose artistic worth in our eyes passed the test.
This year we welcome Robbie Muche whose brilliance overtook ‘er
And the clever CJ Hendry as our guests.

There would be no Ante Portas without sponsors to support us
And we cannot overstate how much it means
That you reach into your pockets like a pack of stellar rockets
To facilitate this bunch of country Queens.

Take a bow Ivanhoe Mining, ‘cause your light is surely shining
And John Cotter and the Hakfoort Group should too.
Both the Radisson Hotel, and dear Pillow Talk as well
Join with MPC Promotions on the pew.

Williams Hall Chadwick came good, as we surely knew you would
With the Brisbane Airport Corp another friend;
Thynne Macartney were sublime – not to mention Wynwood Wines
You will all enjoy their bounty in the end.

Look – we think that you should know we relied on Bendigo
To provide the cash machines – without a fuss.
And of course we should give mention to the wonderful intentions
Of the partners, kids and friends who’re helping us.

Course the reason we are here is the friendships we hold dear
As we gather once again to shine our light.
We appreciate your coming ‘cause we know our art is humming
Thanks to you, dear friends! Enjoy this special night.
August 2012 ©jane grieve