Website Intro


Hello everyone – I’m Jane Grieve!
I’ve got a few things up my sleeve.
I’ve been Jane Grieve for simply ages
You’ll see my name on the glossy pages
Of the occasional magazine;
And other tomes where my words have been.

I’ve had a fairly chequered life.
In the days before I was mother and wife
I was boss of the Stockman’s Hall of Fame
But then I went by a different name;
There were four generations who answered the call
On the Darling Downs to the name of Paull.

I’m known as a lover, not a fighter
But most of all I’m known as a writer.
My life is nothing if not a mystery
Though I’m pretty keen on Colonial history.
(Especially around the Australian bush –
The people, the lifestyle, the horse riding push)

I like the stories, I like the culture
You could almost say I’m a bush culture vulture.
I travelled a lot before settling down
In a small and friendly country town.
I’ve written a couple of dandy books
Why not search through this website and have a look.

One book’s short stories of family and farm
The other’s a memoir as long as your arm.
You’re welcome here on Jane Grieve’s website
I keep it short and I keep it light
I use my skills with the best intention
I hope you find my books worthy of mention.